Do Dental Implants Set Off Alarms at Airport Security/TSA?

Posted - June 8, 2019
Do Dental Implants Affect Airport Security

Going through airport security is stressful. Everyone knows that. From having to take off your shoes, belts, jacket, placing electronics on the conveyor belt and keeping all of your toiletries in a little plastic baggie, the last thing you need is something as innocuous as dental implants setting off alarms when you’re traveling.

So, considering that dental implants do have a titanium base, does that mean that every time you fly, you’ll be flagged down by TSA?


The reason why dental implants have a titanium base is because it’s the only type of metal that can fully bond to the bone, through a process called osseointegration. Therefore, it’s not only used to reconstruct people’s smiles, but also in prosthetics and surgeries that require installing hardware in joints.

Once upon a time, most reconstructive medical materials were made out of stainless steel, a type of metal that does set off all kinds of metal detectors, including those in airport security. However, modern medicine has switched to titanium, which is not a magnetic metal.

TSA Airport security systems work by creating an electromagnetic field. When magnetic metals pass through, this electromagnetic field becomes energized, causing the alarm to go off. Lo and behold, airport security is designed to flag magnetic metals. These include iron, nickel, steel, and cobalt-chromium. Since none of these materials are used in dental implants, you should be able to walk through that line confidently.

International Security

A word of caution: TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration, and they are part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This means that their regulations aren’t necessarily implemented worldwide. While safety procedures are very similar from country to country, some international airports do have higher technology designed to detect even the most minute amounts of metals. In this scenario, it could be possible to set off their detectors. So if you’re traveling internationally, give yourself extra time to go through security. The alarms aren’t a reason to worry, however. You can simply explain you have dental implants, and you’ll likely undergo an additional pat-down. You won’t be the first (or the last) traveler going through airport security with implants.


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